Collaborations / our network

Our network spans universities and medical faculties throughout Europe. Furthermore, two more renowned institutions have chosen to professionally select candidates by using the MediTest-EU.

Deutsche Hochschulstiftung (German University Foundation)

logo_dhsOur medical entrance test service works for the MediTest-EU closely in conjunction with the Deutsche Hochschulstiftung (German University Foundation). We share a common vision – the objective, fair access to medical studies, irrespective of marks and on the basis of knowledge, ability and commitment.
The Deutsche Hochschulstiftung has a reliable partner in the MediTest-EU when it comes to supporting their scholarship holders during the application process. The MediTest-EU is being further developed continuously and according to the latest developments and knowledge due to cooperation with the Deutsche Hochschulstiftung.

MediStart – foreign agency for providing university places in the field of medicine

logo_medistart_colMoreover, our medical entrance test service cooperates works in conjunction with MediStart. MediStart is one of the leading European foreign agencies for arranging university places in human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine without numerus clausus (restricted admission) marks and having to wait. MediStart has exclusively decided in favour of the MediTest-EU and uses our test for entrance examinations of its applicants. We have also authorised the agency to provide specific preparatory courses and training for the MediTest-EU.

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