The medical entrance test

The MediTest-EU is a multi-stage aptitude test that tests applicants for the degree programmes in human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine by means of subject-related questions. The entrance test consists of

  • a 120 minute written part and
  • a 15 to 20 minute interview.

This test is part of the admission requirements of an increasing number of European universities. At these universities, the MediTest-EU is an alternative to the written admission test and the international test SAT®. The MediTest-EU is – depending on the choice of university and language of the study programme – available in either English or German.

The MediTest-EU tests aptitude and basic knowledge which, according to current findings, is required for successful studies in the subjects of human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, as well as for a career in medicine. The required level of knowledge in the areas of biology, chemistry and mathematics is at the level of the advanced course in the upper school. For test takers with good grades in the respective advanced courses, no in-depth preparation is required, but we recommend that all test takers attend one of the preparatory courses we offer. These can also be taken entirely online.

The MediTest-EU can be taken in person at our test centres in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich as well as in Vienna or Zurich. In addition, it can also be taken worldwide at a notary’s office, in selected schools and educational institutions as well as completely online at your home computer. You can view the dates and locations of the next tests here. It is possible to arrange personal appointments.

Test format:

The MediTest-EU consists of a written part and a personal interview, which is usually taken online. It is divided into the following focal points:

  1. General knowledge
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Mathematics
  5. Interview with aptitude-specific questions

Assessment and results:

The result of the respective test is calculated as follows:

Written part – (60 % of the total mark)

  1. General education – (20 %)
  2. Biology – (20 %)
  3. Chemistry & mathematics – (20 %)

Interview – (40% of the total mark)

The test is basically passed if the participant scores more than 50%. Individual universities have set a higher pass hurdle. The test can be repeated twice in case of failure or for improvement – participants therefore have a total of three attempts.


Students in their final year of school (grade 12) can also take part before they graduate. The Abitur, IB, A-levels or an equivalent school-leaving qualification do not have to be available at the time of taking the test.

Dates and costs:

The test fee for taking the MediTest-EU in a test centre or online is currently EUR 773.50. Online participation in an official weekend crash course is EUR 2,975.00. The dates for the test and preparation course can be found in our calendar. Individual test dates are possible for an additional fee of EUR 178.50. Individual training for individual test preparation is available on request. All prices and fees already include the statutory VAT (currently 19%).

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