Why the MediTest-EU?

Screening: Find the successful applicant

The university entrance qualification mark alone does not always reflect the potential that university applicants actually possess. What is crucial for academic success is the subject-specific ability, not the mark itself. The MediTest-EU tests students in a targeted manner on the knowledge and skills that aspiring doctors, dentists and veterinary surgeons must have. A good performance in the MediTest-EU is a reliable indicator of good academic performance in the future and a successful completion of studies.

Comparability: Simple and clear

The number of applicants for medical courses are very high throughout Europe, but the qualifications of the individual candidates differ greatly. The MediTest-EU enables clarity and comparability between the applicants from different regions and nations.

Potential: What does each candidate have to offer?

The MediTest-EU gives applicants the opportunity to show their full potential and to demonstrate their subject-specific aptitude for university studies. This also applies to those applicants who have achieved an unsatisfactory average mark in their school-leaving certificate that entitles them to study. The MediTest-EU does not depend on marks and it tests – equally and fairly for everyone – only the knowledge and abilities for the required field of study.

Skills tested: Important for medical studies

In addition to empathy, also of particular importance are cognitive skills, e.g. in terms of resilience, problem solving, transfer of learning or even critical analysis of predetermined structures in medical studies. These skills tend to be insufficiently represented in any – necessarily general – school report. The MediTest-EU allows us to precisely determine and evaluate these skills by clear structuring and subject-specific issues. It shows whether applicants will be able to successfully complete the study programme selected and is likely to be a good doctor, dentist or veterinary surgeon.

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