Why should you work with MediTest-EU?

Unlike some other providers, MediTest-EU exclusively offers an entrance test for the degree programmes in human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine as well as medicine-related degree programmes. It has been used since 2012. The focus on medical and medical-related degree programmes at EU universities allows us to identify the most suitable applicants for these degree programmes professionally and efficiently at the same time and to adapt our selection procedure to the current requirements of our partner universities as well as to new findings within a very short time.
We work closely with applicants and universities in order to be able to meet individual requirements and to ensure a simple but successful examination process.
The MediTest-EU takes place at regular intervals in several German and European cities. In addition, the MediTest-EU can also be taken at local universities during the application phase. Applicants who are abroad during the application phase (e.g. Australia, New Zealand, South America, etc.) can also take the MediTest-EU online on their own computers.
We take care of all matters related to the examination procedure. We organise the test on site, take it, evaluate it and send it to your student secretariat or admissions office quickly and reliably. Any complaints will also be handled completely by us.
We work closely with our partner universities and faculties. If desired, we can also adapt the MediTest-EU to special requirements, e.g. national higher education laws or requirements of the responsible ministries. At the choice of our partner universities, the MediTest-EU can be offered in English or German. The MediTest-EU is free of charge for our partner universities.

MediTest-EU test center

The MediTest-EU can be taken at the test centres of our medical entrance test service in many European cities. In addition, it can be taken anywhere in the world under the supervision of a lawyer or in some German (honorary) consulates.

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